Everything Else Is Yours by Morgan Slade

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A move from the West Coast to the Commonweath, prompted quite a bit of consolidating and purging, along with some rediscovery.  During the years of 1998-2002 armed with only a 4 track Tascam Portastudio, that I bought sometime around 1986, and a CD burner,  I started recording music late at night.  At some point, there were around 35 songs mixed and released on home burned compact discs.  In 2008 some of these were compiled together and released digitally on 'It Is Easy To Be Left Out Of A Conversation About Exclusion".  The rest of the music was thought to lost forever.  This month, 'Everything Else Is Yours' is available through Bandcamp, with a limited edition double-vinyl to follow up in November.  

Everything Else Is Yours

The Western Addition by Morgan Slade

The Western Addition started out as a (late night) solo "bedroom project".  All of the music recorded into a 1980's Tascam 4 track,  mixed down to 2 stereo tracks, run back though the recorder to add 2 more tracks.  So, the final recordings are actually 6-track.   Musically, The Western Addition continues explore the connections between visual art and music through its folk-jazz-electronica experimentations.  These were the first songs compiled and put out as collection, but recently there are 16 more songs that are looking to be released on vinyl inlimited edition.

The Western Addition